How to Install CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Core ( I8262 / I8260 )

How to Install CWM Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Core ( I8262 / I8260 ) – some Bugs

1. Download CWM recovery File dari – LINK
2. Download software Odin for PC – LINK
3. Download Driver Samsung Galaxy Core – LINK
4. Install Driver Samsung Galaxy Core pada PC anda
5. Jalankan Software Odin Run As Administrator
6. Pilih menu PDA dan pilih CWM.tar Recovery yang sudah di download
7. Aktifkan Samsung Galaxy Core anda ke status Download Mode, dengan cara tekan bebarengan Volume down + HOME + Tombol Power
8. pilih menu Connect atau Volume UP kemudian akan masuk ke Download Mode
9. sambungkan samsung galaxy core ke pc melalui USB Kabel
10. Pastikan status Galcore sudah konek, dan klik Start pada ODIN tunggu sampai proses reccovery CWM selesai

test cwm :
tekan Volume UP + HOME + Power button

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the product distribution file could not be verified. it may be damaged or was not signed.

When this download problem occurs, it is generally the result of a corrupted file in a cache folder. If you run this command in Terminal:

open $TMPDIR../C/

a folder will open in the Finder showing a number of cache folders for different applications. Delete the folder, then quit and relaunch the App Store application and try the download again.

Cara Root Lenovo S920 Tanpa PC

Tutorial root Lenovo S920 – Lenovo dengan seri S920 dapat di Root dengan mudah bahkan via PC maupun tanpa PC sekalipun.

Tutorial Root Lenovo :
download aplikasinya yang berbentuk apk disini. Download APK dibagian Bawah versi terbarunya.

Anda juga cukup memasang Framaroot layaknya sedang memasang aplikasi lainnya via .apk. Setelah terpasang, Anda sudah dapat melakukan root di perangkat Android anda. Continue reading

Review Lenovo s920 – Android Quad Core MTK Dual SIM

Lenovo s920 merupakan salah satu smartphone yang memiliki layar besar , Ukuran layar pada ponsel pintar lenovo ini mencapai hingga 5.3 inci,tidak hanya memiliki ukuran layar yang besar,lenovo s920 juga memiliki banyak kelebihan lainnya, untuk lebih jelas berikut Review kelebihan dan kekurangan lenovo s920 :

Lenovo s920 di rilis pada bulan mei 2013,smartphone berukuran layar besar 5.3 inci di lengkapi prosesor handal 1.2GHz, os android di gunakan versi Jelly Bean terbaru, smartphone lenovo s920 ini bisa di bilang murah karena di bandrol di bawah 3 juta.

Desain dan Bodi
Desain atau lebih tepatnya bentukan merupakan salah satu poin jual dari Lenovo S920, karena ponsel ini memiliki dimensi 154 x 77.7 x 7.9 mm dengan bobot 159 gram, meskipun besar dan lebar namun terbilang tipis. Seluruh bodi terbuat dari plastik glossy. Jika dilihat dari belakang ponsel ini memiliki desain belakang yang mirip dengan ponsel HTC One X dengan kamera berbentuk lingkaran dibagian atas.

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if you host a cPanel/whm web-server you may at some point have reports that client sites are displaying a message similar to: “Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/tmp/mysql.sock’”

Here are a few quick steps to resolve the error if the location of your mysql.sock file is incorrect. This can occur after an automatic upgrade or similar scenario. Continue reading

McAfee ePO – Manual Agent Installation

You can manually install the McAfee Agent and then force it to comply with your anti-virus policies or client tasks. To do this, perform the following actions:

1. On the affected machine browse to the following location: \EPOSERVERNAMEC$Program FilesMcAfeeePolicy OrchestratorDBSoftwareCurrentEPOAGENT3000Install409

2. Double click the FramePkg.exe file and let the agent install. Please note, you will need administrative rights over the workstation to perform this.

3. Open a command prompt window and type the following: cd “C:Program FilesMcAfeeCommon Framework”

4. Once in the aforementioned directory, type the following at the command prompt and press return: CmdAgent.exe /s

5. You will now be presented with the McAfee Agent console, click “Collect and Send Props”. This prompts the agent to advertise itself to the ePO server and enforce any policies or client tasks that maybe set, which in my case is usually the installation of the ant-virus product itself.

Fix – Remote session was disconnected because there are no Remote Desktop client access licenses

Here is a fix to the following error message with Remote Desktop ConnectionDesktop ConnectionDesktop Connection when you try to connect to a machine: “Remote session was disconnected because there are no Remote Desktop client access licenses available for this computer. Please contact the server administrator“

1. The solution is delete the following registry key:
2. Try connecting in again
If it doesn’t work and you get the following error message: “The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing protocol“;
3. Still does not work?
Then all you need to do is Right-Click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon and select “Run as Administrator“.

How to Enable mcrypt PHP Ext in WHM EasyApache

1. Login to WHM
2. Click Software, Click EasyApache (Apache Update).
3. Click Start Customizing Based on Profile
4. Select an Apache version
5. Click Next Step
6. Select PHP 5
7. Click Next Step
8. Select a version of PHP 5
9. Click Next Step
10. Click Exhaustive Options List button
11. Scroll down to the check box labeled MCrypt
12. Click Save and Build

or From the shell command prompt as root, type the following:# /scripts/easyapache

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